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HandCrafted Jewels | Small Branch

Hi all,

I have not even written a single word yet and I´m already feeling excited about sharing my project with you all. All your opinions on it , not just marketing related but others are happily welcome as well.

With this post I just want to present my project and its current status to you. Over time , hopefully with your help, I will be widing it to cover its marketing evolution.

------------------------------------- Status Before Taking The Course -------------------------------

I co-own a Jewellery Brand, Small Branch Jewellery, that elaborates all its pieces by hand, in precious stones and metals, completely in Spain ( country of origin ). 

We see our jewels as an extension of the body , like a branch from a trunk. Minimal and almost unnoticed, without taking prominence* from the woman.

* I am saying this because there is some jewellery trend that tends to attract too much attention ( huge chain necklaces , earrings taking up the whole ear ... etc ). We try to be the opposite of that in terms of design ( looking for my spot in the Seth´s XY Graphic ).

Our strengths , in my view, are our own fresh design, quality and post service ( 7 days delivery, 2-year warranty for all our pieces , posibility of refunds...etc).


B2C vs B2B Sales SItuation:  We have been open barely a year and the 90% of the purchases come from customers ( B2C ) over our website & temporary offers on other online marketplaces. But this tendency is changing this year as we get more known on the net, we are being contacted by stockists ( some are finally interested , some aren´t ).

I had one stablishment during the last year and in 2014 we added three more the first months. The income through retailers/stocklists is expected to increase, my goal would be 40% of the total revenue.

I am personally in charge of increasing this number so I am doing an email marketing campaign ( I bought a retailer spanish database ), though no benefits from it yet ;).

Conclusion: 90/10 last year | 60/40 forecast for 2014

How many of my sales come from men (  gifst ) ?

Men Gift : 31 %
Rest : 69 %

Some Info About Our Potential Clients ( I will be modifying this as I progress on the course ):


  • Young and middle age customers ( 25 - 45 ) , that like our designs and are capable of paying for them. 
  • These potential customers would rather see and try our pieces before buying them. We are aware we are losing some sales for this, that is why we are widing our stocklists net. At the same time we make online sales easier for users.
  • They do not usually value quality in the face of price. That is why we want to change their mind: educate them, make them value jewls for a lifetime, with 2-y guarantee and personal treatment and after-sales service.
  • They lollaly follow their fashion models ( bloggers, famous people, magazines as Vogue .... etc ). We are investing resources in this.

We are having problems to transform social friends into real customers and make them engage ( issue here: we do not know how to create stories around our business ). We do not own any phisical shop ( we sell online ) so we find some difficulties to reach some averse clients , reluctant to buy online even though we put it easy to return products. 

We would love to build a Solid and conistency Marketing Strategy for final customers. No more no less.  


  • Our stocklits are not jewelleries but fashion stablishments. This is so because it is a better way to approach young people ( who sometimes haven´t gone to a traditional jewellery before ) and becasue they accept lower margins ( It is not its business core but a complementary product ).
  • These retailers do not usually have a strong social presence and we provide them it.
  • We are presenting an initial pack ( around 500 € + taxes ) fully decorated ( decoration & Delivery Free ). They become a Small Branch Point Of Sale.


I hope it helps you to understand my business.

------------------------------------- Progress During The Course  ------------------------------------

My Story ( "The Why" ):

  • We are a jewellery brand that seeks for woman differentation while supporting local talent.

"The How" :

  • Telling a Story for each jewel that starts with the making process ( source of inspiration, curiosities , peculiarities , made by ... ) and continues with the client ( I would encourage them to share that story : Places/Events/Momen ts exprienced with that jewel.
  • Badge on every product&Website that says 100 % Spanish Handmade Product.
  • Section to know our craftsmen&designers.
  • Allow customers to personlize their jewels ( engrave their names & date , change size or lenght ... ).

"The What":

  • Make limited units or even unique pieces.
  • Only Handcrafted Jewels. 
  • Only Precious Metals ( no metal baths ) & Stones.
  • All produced within Spain.
  • 2 years warranty.

I need a powerful Slogan that shouts out my "Why", I want to pick up the most related to my story: 

option 1: "Minimal jewelry, Maximum statement" - Thanks Houston

option 2: "Every Jewel, A Story" |  "A Jewel, A Story"

option 3: "Special Jewls for Unique Women"

option 4: "Continue Our Story"

option + : I must continue thinking . Folks, contributions are welcome ;)

----------------------------------------------- Final Project  ----------------------------------------------


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