HandCaught Fireflies

HandCaught Fireflies - student project

As a full time package designer for a food company, I design labels for products that already exist. There are strict USDA regulations on what can go on food packaging and most of the time I am creatively repressed by all the restrictions. For my project, I wanted to come up with a completely fictional product.

I will be designing a label for a jar of lightning bugs. I imagine they would be sold in a magical store that sells other whimsical/imaginary products (magic wands, milk of the poppy, treasure maps, etc..) There could be many uses for a jar of fireflies but I like to picture them being bought by hobbit-like creatures as a way to light their house efficiently. I've done some research and bioluminescent light (emission of light by a living organism) is 100% efficient, gives off zerio heat, and is much more economically friendly than a regular light bulb. I would like the reverse/inside of the label to have something directed toward the fireflies. Something to make their habitat nice and homey for them. Let's assume they can read and have feelings.

My label will read "Hand Caught Fireflies - The Official Bugs of the Evening" with secondary copy beneath.

Here is my moodboard:

HandCaught Fireflies - image 1 - student project