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HandBound Portfolio


My name is Dalitso Malikebu and I am an artist and graphic designer.

The design process of my portfolio

Here is my mood board


I decided to create a book with the screw post binding method as it is versatile since pages can be added and taken out at will. I couldn't decide what pattern or paper to use for the book (read paralysis analysis) so I went with white paper.

I do not have power tools and so I used these items to drill my holes with.


The book has a cutout because I had once been planning to make a photo  album with a window cut out and had cut up some board. I just decided to repurporse it for my portfolio instead.


I wanted my book to be able to lay flat in case the person viewing it only had one hand to spare to flip the pages, so I gave my screw post book a spine.


As white paper can easily get prone to dirt and smudges, I also added this water proof transparent sticky paper. I don't know what it is called. This was probably the hardest part of binding my book . The transparent paper  kept warping and I had to keep taking it off and sticking it back. I must confess, I think I ended up smudging my white paper more in the process.


White paper can feel relatively dull sometimes, so the addition of the spine to my book also gives me the option to use a book jacket such as the one I made here, by hand coloring paper with water colors. I could also use patterned paper or even fabric.



Here are some pages I created in illustrator for my portfolio




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