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Hand-drawn geometry

Hi! Have a look at my designs and feel free to leave feedback! I have just started using illustrator, and am constantly struggling to figure out how to make it do what I want, but I thought this class would be a good way of pushing myself to get used to using it, and I would like to start towards designing my own collection! So fingers crossed!

29th August 2013:

I decided that I wanted to create some designs inspired by my travels, when i went on holiday to Greece last year, so this collection is based on patterns I found on my trip, looking at the contrast between man-made and nature.

First I made some inspiration boards:

Next I spent time creating 4 contrasts inspired by the images. I have started simply as I struggle with Illustrator, but I want to work on them by hand in my sketchbook. These designs have been really helpful for giving me idea of how the designs could work in repeat, and once I have worked on them in my sketchbook I want to recreate them in Illustrator.

1. Fluid vs. rigid

2. Structured/Planned vs. natural/ unplanned

3. Organic vs geometric

4. Bold vs. delicate

7th August 2013:

Ive started by looking at everyday patterns, here my contrasts are circle/straight line, layer/flat, busy/simple

I'd like to make the contrast bigger by adding blocks of grey/black to the second, to create area vs line, but I'm still trying to figure out how to do that! Is there any way of inversing it, so that where is white at the moment goes grey, and the black lines become white? I think I could also play around with scale more too! 

Here is another I tried. First kaleidoscope flowers (it reminds me of quilting stitch) and then blocks, which reminds me of pipes or snake (the old game that was on nokia phones!). The contrasts are bold/delicate, point/curve, and vintage history/retro.

Next I tried to create 2 patterns based on trails, the left on an urban path like would be found at a park or zoo, the second with layers (I tried to put in a background of grass scribbles, but it wasn't as successful as I had hoped! not sure what happened). The contrasts are sharp/smooth, clean/rough and point.


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