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Kate Weybret

Photographer & Designer



Hand-drawn Typeface: Tate

Hi all! Sorry I'm getting a late start. Just came home from an exciting trip to South Korea. 

I'd like to use this workshop to design a typeface for some tea packaging I'm currently working on. Can't wait to get started.


For the sake of finishing the class in a somewhat timely fashion, I've decided to work on the typeface for the tea packaging in my own time and have followed through with my first type sketches. 

-PART 1-

Below are my doodles from the first week. I have pretty low confidence in my drawing skills so I don't doodle often, but found this to be a good excercise. Made me realise I should do more excercises like this.

-PART 2-

First here is some inspiration for the typeface I'll be drawing for the final project. I love the contrast of the thin and thick lines in "Time". 

I wanted to start with drawing some simple letterforms to practice before I jump off the deep end and attempt something with serifs. I ended up using these characters for a poster I'm in the process of screenprinting (and will share when it's finished!) Not sure if I'll make it into a font or not.

-PART 2 Continued-

This is the beginning of the hand drawn font I'm designing for the tea packaging. 'Morning Tea'. Clearly the J is frustrating me (so is the G)! Will continue the sketches this weekend.

-PART 3-

For time's sake, I decided to put the 'Morning Tea' typeface on hold and follow through and make my first sketches into a font. I'll be putting it into FontLab soon!

I've named this font 'Tate' due to it being designed for a screen printed poster with a quote by the novel (and film) character, Oliver Tate.  (apologies for poor phone quality photo!)


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