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Iz Ptica

Illustrator and surface designer



Hand Lettering for the Holidays - lesson No.1



 Hi everybody!


I'm taking this class as a part of the " Hand Lettering for the Holidays" organized by Skillshare and this is the No.1. Since I am a bit late on delivering I decided to the project digitally ( lazy me -.- didn't go to get the actual markers and envelopes on time). 

Here are few images of line and letters practices I did before going to the actual design. Should do this more often before doing my other works - really gets the hand going.





Now to the envelopes!


I used a random name and address generator I've found online just to practice. Since it's holiday season I decided to add some decorative and floral elements to the design. Couldn't stop so made three different ones :)






Final pictures of my envelopes. Yaaay!


I am happy with the results and quite excited to do the real deal with the markers and envelopes to send to my friends and family for this year's holidays! 

This class was awesome and exceeded my expectations - Erik is such a dedicated teacher and takes his time to explain the process in detail. Hence the class is really easy to follow and gives many tips and tricks on how to do the lettering on a professional level whilst keeping it fun and casual.


Great class! Thank you, Erik!






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