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Hand Lettering for Beginners - What I Wish I Would’ve Known


Lettering for Beginners: What I Wish I’ Would’ve Known

Class Description

In this class, we will look at the tools and techniques of hand lettering:

  • We will explore the different types of brush pens and markers.

  • Students will practice basic strokes to begin developing muscle memory.

  • We will see that everyone is a beginner at the beginning!

  • Our final projects will show “before and after” photos of our work.

  • This class is for complete beginners, or those wishing to practice their new hand lettering skills.

So you’ve bought a few trendy brush markers, and you just can’t wait to start posting your beautiful lettering on Instagram! But there’s just one thing…..you’re embarrassed that your work looks NOTHING like what you see on social media. You’re getting frustrated and ready to give up. But don’t worry - I’ve been right where you are, and I know how you feel.

It has taken me many months (years?!?) of practice to feel more comfortable lettering. It took a lot of trial and error; I learned a few things the hard way - so let me save you some time and trouble by giving you all the information I wish I’d had! In this class, I’ll tell you the top things I wish I’d known when I started lettering.


  • How do I know which pen or marker is right for ME?

  • Help! It just doesn’t look “right” when I connect my letters

  • Other people make it look so EASY! How do I make my work look like that?

  • I want to journal, but I can’t get thin enough strokes and write small enough.
  • But what about color blending, shadows, flourishing...? There are so many things to remember! Help!


This class is for you if you:

  • Have never attempted hand-lettering

  • Bought the supplies, but you’re afraid to try

  • Have written a word or phrase with brush pens and immediately trashed it (I did!)

  • Have experimented with brush pens, and you want a little more practice to get the hang of it

  • Want to see my most embarrassing first attempts


Finally, we’ll share our before and after pieces in the project gallery. You might be surprised to see that almost everyone has work they’re not especially proud of! We all start somewhere!

Link to my class outline:  




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