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Kathryn Smith

KCMO/25. Design + Lettering.



Hand-Lettering Project: Create, Inspire, Repeat

The phrase I chose for this project is "Create, Inspire, Repeat".  I chose this phrase because it has been my work motto for many years.  I think it completely sums up, very simply, how I view the way artistist, designers, musicians, and all others creative minds work. 

The first step of this project was making a list of words associated with the words from my phrase. I quickly noticed a pattern. When I think of the words "create" and "inspire", many of the same words come to mind. For instance, growth, birth, movement, positivity, enlightenment, uplifting, engagement and motivation are just to name a few. I decided that I want my final project to achieve several things: to have life, movement, and to be engaging. 

Here are a few drawings from the letter warm-up: 

Then, onto some thumbnails (I added notes on the bottom of each to pinpoint which strong characteristics I liked for the layout): 

I decided which thumbnail I liked best and which design I thought would exemplify my goal:

There are still several things I think I would alter, but overall, I feel it conveys a lot of movement and  is somewhat engaging. Thanks for checking out my project! I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments, criticisms, feedback...anything! 


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