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Hand-Lettering | Chop Your Own Wood

"Chop your own wood and it'll warm you twice." - Henry Ford

This is one of my favorite quotes and living in the PNW, I had pretty good idea of some keywords to swarm around the quote I chose.  

From this I started in on finding some reference materials and creating a couple of mood boards. I first started just finding some layouts that I was attracted to, and that quickly led me to finding some awesome reference images of old print material and patches from the boy and girl scouts. From there I researched things like 'vintage clothing labels', 'vintage outdoor brands', 'vintage ammunition boxes', etc. and I got a slew of images to look through. I am going to pull from these later to create some color palette studies as I progress further along. Woot!

Now on to the type warm-up....definitely feeling a little rusty....

Decided to go through the alphabet to make sure I could get all the cobwebs out (please ignore the fact that I apparently forgot the alphabet towards the end). Super rough, but this was rather helpful!

On to thumbnails! If anyone has any opinioin on a layout that looks most interesting, I'd love to hear it. I can't quite decide. I'm intrigued by the diamond layouts, but I can also see how the tall skinny layouts could be kind of fun with a large fun ampersand in the middle. (*note: this is designed for use as a poster or art print.) I will get more detailed and experiment with the ornamentation or type-design more once I pick a layout.


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