Hand Lettered Sheena!

Hand Lettered Sheena! - student project

I’ve been doing lettering for a while but have hit a slump recently, so did this class today to kickstart my lettering mojo. I’m over the moon with it- all thanks to Gia’s brilliant tips and reminders! If nothing else I know I need a little more patience :) Need to work on my flourishes (not sure about the L/A) and decorative elements (florals not my strong point!), but this is a good start. Bring on the next class!


I started with the sketch…

Hand Lettered Sheena! - image 1 - student projectand then added the ligatures. Tried a serif style too, but decided to stick with sans.


Hand Lettered Sheena! - image 2 - student projectand then the final piece!


Hand Lettered Sheena! - image 3 - student project