Hand-Lettered "Creativity is a drug I cannot live without" | Skillshare Projects

Tara Andrews

Graphic Design Student



Hand-Lettered "Creativity is a drug I cannot live without"

Hi everyone, this is my first time using skillshare and am so excited to be taking part in this class. I have chosen my quote:

"Creativity is a drug I cannot live without." Cecel B. Demille

This is something that I feel in my soul. A day without being creative is a dull day for me. Next is my mind mapping to explore the quote further. I am thinking of doing a medicine package, or  first aid kit style packaging. I also want to explore a bottle label but will tackle the packaging first.

I love vintage packaging and so I looked for vintage packaging with interesting typography and bright colours. I also love the vintage colour combination of mint, red and white.

And here are some images from my research. I love the bright colours and flowing elaborate script letters.

Loving this project so far. Will be posting some sketches and mockups next after watching some more videos.


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