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Hand Letter Logo

My assignmnet subject is the Logo that I had been thinking as a Calligraphic piece, not sure, I tried so many forms and I knew I wanted this to legible enough and just as Molly mentioned keep trying, I would really work on this till I come up with something that I really like. 

For now this is my first attempt. 


In my next round of work around I wish to add my name and illustration elements as well. I am so very nervous as I really have shaky hands when it comes to inking the final piece and this is where I mess the entire piece, no matter moving to photoshop does help, however not to extent the damage I do to the piece.

Yeah! that's really stupid of me. I would keep practicing till I control my shaky hands. I am kind of satisfied with the first part of the drawing 'SURFACE' except the word S which does not form a perfect curve on the left bottom, the alphabet c seems to be slightly off and for the second part I feel the alphabet N is too broad and E and S seems to commnunicate my shaky handsso also the alphabet T.

Hmmm..What do you think?....

Wish me luck as today I would start my second round of calligraphy for my Logo and my name as well.

Appreciate feedback.




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