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Delia Sopca

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Hand-Drawn Wallpaper Pattern

I really enjoyed making patterns this way. I used to do it a whole lot differently; it used to be harder, and not that fun. But with the method presented in this class, it was a really fun way to spend a couple of hours (give or take, as I did the coloring in Photoshop).

The objects used are those I found around the house. I got the courage to finally draw dirrectly in ink, without tracing the drawing first using a pencil. So, I am really grateful to have found this class ;)

Here is the final result. It is not very neat, as my scanner is not that high tech, and also because of the cutting- I didn't do a good job at sticking the tape in the back, so there are some lines that show, which I could not get rid of in Photoshop.



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