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Emely Rodríguez

Animator | Illustrator | Designer



Hand-Drawn Typography

JAN 9, 2014

After vectorizing I got exited and I bought Glyphs Mini for mac in order to create the font. Here it is...  If you guy want a copy of the otf just message me and I'll send you the file, I would love some feedback on it.


JAN 5, 2014

So this is my font! :) I wanted to go for a simple, fun, children-like style. Hope you guys like it and can give me some feedback. 


JAN 02, 2014

Hello Everyone!!
My name is Emely Rodríguez. I'm an animator and a designer. 

This is the first assignment it was a fun thing to do, I didn't use a timer but I spent about 10-15 in each page.  Hope you guys like it. 



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