Hand-Drawn Typography

Hand-Drawn Typography - student project

Update: 6/18/13 FINISHED!

The final step of my project - creating a new masthead for my website using my new typefaces. A pretty simple application, but I like the feeling that it's entirely my own work.

Hand-Drawn Typography - image 1 - student project

Update #2 : 6/13/13 

And here's my other font, Second Cabin. I wanted to preserve the sketchy look of the pencils, so I increased the contrast of the preliminary drawings and livetraced them in Illustrator.

Hand-Drawn Typography - image 2 - student project

Update: 6/16/13

I decided to create my font Scintillante as paths in Illustrator, instead of using the stroke tool, so I could preserve more of the hand drawn look. I tried to retain a lot of the lines that were crooked or 'off' in the hand-drawings, even though my instinct was to make everything perfect!

I imported each character into FontCreator (similar software to FontLab) and created my typeface. I still need to work a bit more on the kerning and create the extra characters (numbers, puncuation, etc), but for now I'm really happy with how the font has turned out. 

I tested out the newly installed font in Photoshop:

Hand-Drawn Typography - image 3 - student project

And now I need to vectorize my second font!

Update: 6/13/13

I started on my typeface sketches last night. I want to create a couple of typefaces that I can use as display text or a masthead on my website and blog. For inspiration, I looked at Art Deco era posters. I selected two that I liked the typefaces on, and used them as a starting point. 

Hand-Drawn Typography - image 4 - student project

Hand-Drawn Typography - image 5 - student project
Hand-Drawn Typography - image 6 - student project

Update: 6/12/13

I redid the shape doodles, this time without any timer. It was a lot more fun and felt more creative, I just doodled freely without thinking and drew a lot of patterns and textures.

Hand-Drawn Typography - image 7 - student project

Hand-Drawn Typography - image 8 - student project

Hand-Drawn Typography - image 9 - student project

My previous sketches, with the 5 minute time limit, are archived here: http://kirimoth.com/skillshare/hdt/doodles.png