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Hand-Drawn Animation: Pt. 1 - The Ball Bounce

I'm really excited about teaching this class.  We're going to be learning how to do hand drawn animation in Photoshop using layers and the timeline tool available in the program.  Come check out the first part of this series of classes on traditional animation and learn how to make a ball bounce, the foundation of every animator's skill and technique!

Anyone can take this class, though there is a lot of drawing and tweaking involved.  We'll be taking it a few steps at a time.

I am using a Wacom Intuos tablet, Photoshop, and a mouse.  The concept is the same for any animation software or for a flip book.  This can be done with a mouse, so don't turn away if you don't have a tablet!  I'll see you all in class!

Here's the link to my outline:

The Ball Bounce Class

Here's my Intro/Promo Video:


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