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Chris Donaldson

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Hand Crank Films

Hand Crank Films is expert at one thing: Telling stories. Your stories. Since 2005, we've been creating award winning work for a variety of advertising agencies and direct clients, including Ogilvy + Mather, Safeway, Unilever, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and many more.

The problem?  'Video' (like many other things) is being commoditized and crushed. People are rushing to the bottom on pricing. Everyone is looking for good, fast and cheap - when in fact clients can only choose two. People (from established brands) either ask 'Can't I just shoot it with an iPhone?' or 'Why can't it just be exactly like Dollar Shave Club?'

So the hard part is holding onto our integrity while still making a living. Doing great work at good - but not cheap - prices. I'm hoping to join a community of like minded people. 





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