Hancock.it - Manage your company´s signatures

Hancock.it - Manage your company´s signatures - student project


My project is called Hancock.it  http://www.hancock.it 

It is a way to super charge your company´s (Gmail) signatures. 

As described in site:

Create and manage a universal signature for all of your company's
employees. Easily update and enhance tagline messages and make
your daily emails an effective promotion vehicle. 

You can use it to:

Announce new products and services directly in your email's taglines

Tell your clients about what the media is talking about your company.

Talk about events and where your company will be present.

Promote job openings. Let specific recipients know that you are hiring.

You also get access to an admin section where you can track emails and links.

It is currently free, but we want to transition to a freemium subscription model.

We already have a landing page but I will attempt to create a new one based on what I learn in this class.

If you have any ideas or comments, please let me know!