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Han Solo and Chewbacca

Super excited to get into this next assignment after doing Patrick's first one 'Characters in motion'. So recommend it!!!

Unlike the first assignment in which I explored a few different poses for Chewbacca, this time I knew the pose I was after. There is a classic Han Solo pose from the first Star Wars movie of him just outside the Millenium Falcon.

First image up is for Han Solo. This is sketched up initially with pencil, then with 0.5 copic multi liner black pen. Scanned into the computer and cleaned up a little. However this won't be the end of the sketch as I will go back into later and add some line variety as per Patrick's video using the wacom tablet. Same deal for Chewbacca too.

The gun was modeled from Sketch up. Can't recommend that programme highly enough. So helps with some tricky angles!!!

Next is Chewbacca. Just love this character. So, the challenge was how to position Chewie with Han and how are they both going to work with background/foreground elements. I have a few ideas. Either it will be with maybe the Millenium Falcon and some stormtroopers or some machinery like the death star. Still working through that.

So getting back to Chewie I decided to have him anchored fairly close to Han. That way I feel they dominiate the foreground scene.

And finally the image with them side by side. Hopefully I will soon get the background elements together (when I decide what they will be) posted up soon. Until then thanks for visiting!!!

Back ground elements sorted (AT AT Walkers). I just love these guys from Empire strikes back. Still remember as a kid seeing them for the first time - awesome. As for the environment, I am thinking more along the lines of the planet Endor. Hopefully post soon.


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