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Hampton Family Crest

So, I started this project extremely intimidated. I am somewhat new to illustrator, but desperately trying to learn and teach myself graphic design. I ended up having a lot of fun! And I'm nearly finished.

The Hampton family has been involved with the US Air Force for two generations now. My grandfather and my father. Our family tree obviously branches from many different backgrounds, but we can trace back our legitimate American heritage back to the 1600s and we are inherently American. So that's what I started with.

The shield gave a nice, strong base; the wings of the crest are the air force crest wings; the phrase on the bottom is not only a family joke about our recently deceased cat who was killed outside (RIP, Kenny), but also how my family views life. We are big on freedom. I almost made a "laurel" of stars, but it got a little complicated, so I opted for 2 very American stars.

Inside the crest, we further the american theme with your basic stripes, the ship wheel represents my family's love for boating (I designed a replica of our boat, but it was too complicated for the feel I wanted), the whisker set is an abstract hint at the female side of my family's love for cats, and the beer represents our love for, well, beer. Dad brews his own craft beers here at home (as well as wine, but we're mostly about the beer).

The boat icons:


The font for "Hampton" is named Captain America. I thought that was pretty perfect. Now I've got to play with colors and make a few finishing touches. I'm very happy with this crest. I feel it represents my family well.

Here are two final ideas I played with:


My final choice without color, so far:


Here is my work space so far:


I decided to change up a few things, so here is where I'm at before I start working on color:


It's about one year later and I decided that this badge would be a perfect place to start my designs for my father's home brews! Below is the lineup. I've changed some details of the badge. Let me know what you think!



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