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Hamilton Quote

After playing around with some brush lettering, I finally settled on one of my favourite lines from "Hamilton":


Since I couldn't wait for my scanner to be fixed, I got semi-decent lighting, took a photo, then adjusted the light balance in Picmonkey.

The photo ended up being from Unsplash, though it was difficult to choose.


In the end, I cropped the photo to a more square shape, as I preferred that layout for the text. I got rid of some of the more extraneous flourishes on the edges, moved "talk less" into one line rather than two offset lines while adjusting the letter size to something more uniform, and adjusted the word-to-word kerning between "Smile" and "More". The last step was to add a slight drop shadow behind the text. I ended up removing it on the decorations to keep it tidy.

For a first attempt, I'm pretty happy with it, though whenever I next try one of these, I'll definitely spend a bit more time working through the colours (most were picked from the background hues) and adjusting the kerning more.


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