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Hamburg Germany

I'm putting my first idraw try up on top, to make it easier to see. I've never really done a lot of vector, and even in this cutout style it's hard. I'm not sure about the lines entirely, but if i leave them out, it looks too empty. Maybe I will just draw with photoshop over it though, i really like "line + cutout shapes" as a style, and I'll be able to use my drawing "line".

I decided to illustrate Hamburg, which I visited last weekend. I started doodling some shapes before hand or picking out shapes from illustrations I liked, and then starting doing some submarines. I don't usually draw in a cartoony / geometric style, so I did some normal studies before starting to abstract. I have taken a few pictures on the harbour and picked out some more from the internet that I'm going to use for reference when coming up with a real design. Here are some of my notebook pages until now. I kind of veered into u-boots, and i think i'll pursue the harbour / maritime side of hamburg.

Some more ship sketches, and composition studies.

The one I prefer is on the lower right (the last one). It may be a bit too wide, so I'll see if I have to rework the composition a bit to fit it into the card.


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