Halloween inspired pins

Halloween inspired pins - student project

Step 1: Reference Pins

What inspired me to try my hand at designing enamel pins were artists, designers and companies collaborating to produce pins based on original artwork that were unique and not based on pop culture. Pins that reflected the style and attitude of the brand they represented or the artist commissioned to do them are what interested me.

With Halloween being the next major holiday on the calendar I decided to try and put my own spin on two classic icons the jack-o'lantern and skull.

Pinterest "pinspiration" board

Halloween inspired pins - image 1 - student project

Halloween inspired pins - image 2 - student project

Halloween inspired pins - image 3 - student project

Step 2: My Favorite Apple Metal & Plastic Co. pin

You can really see the pools of enamel in this example. I like that about soft enamel pins, that they have raised areas and the enamel looks like it could still be wet.

Halloween inspired pins - image 4 - student project

Step 2: My Rough Sketches

Here are my initial process sketches. The pumpkin came first and required a bit of refining before attempting to trace into vector art. The sugar skull was close enough to what I wanted to bring straight into Illustrator as a template layer.

Halloween inspired pins - image 5 - student project

Halloween inspired pins - image 6 - student project

Step 4: Final Pins

Halloween inspired pins - image 7 - student project

Halloween inspired pins - image 8 - student project

Once I had the designs finished I was so excited that I decided to place an order through a local broker. I designed some backing cards while waiting for the pins to arrive and listed them for sale on Etsy.

Thanks for looking!

Joe Sandoval
design + illustration