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Levi Lunsford

a guy in Ohio.



Halloween Roller Skating Carnival

I think this is a really fun project. I greatly enjoy vintage illustrative advertisement, specifically the typefaces used in these ads. For this class, I chose this ad.

So far, I've recreated the illustration using a mix of pen tool, shape builder tool, shape tools, and others as a fun mixture. I still have some more work to go, as I don't feel like recreating the type by hand (mouse), so I'll find the font online, or at least something close to it. If someone read this and finds it, thank you :)

Also, the scan is at an angle, and not at the best quality, so I took some liberties for a little more symmetry. I'll end by providing some texture that I feel matches the character of the advertisement. 

I'll post an update with some fixes to color, and added type




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