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Halloween Freaky Show

Step 1: research

For this project I already have the application: I need to produce a poster/invitation card for a party/show we organise with my band, the Starlighters. So my phrase is easy "Starlighters Freaky Halloween Show".

Here is my list of words:


And my Inspiration board on pinterest:


Step 2: warm-ups

It was not an easy task, but here are my warm-ups. I used the word "bewitched, because the name of the project changed a bit after a discussion with the band. Finally it will be "The Bewitched River Halloween Freaky Show", reference to "La Rivière", the french village where we organise our party/show, which means "the river". Kind of a private joke ;-).


I found it hard to find ideas other than copying existing fonts, and drawing very different kind of letters. My script and representational (bottom of the page) look very similar. I guess it is necessary to practice a lot to propose really original solutions.

Step 3: Thumbnails

I enjoyed a lot that part of the project, and produced the foollowing thumbnails.



Step 3 Sketches

A more difficult part, a bit frustrating to choose between many ideas I liked, and to go deeper in the image composition.



Step 4 final sketch

Finally I simplified a lot compared to my initial ideas


Step 5 inking

I had to do it 5 times before I was satisfied, but it was worth it


Step 6 Digitizing and coloring

And here is the final result, ready to be sent to our party guests :-)



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