Halloween Brews

Halloween Brews - student project

Hello Everyone! I changed things up a bit and decided to go with a Halloween theme for my project - similar to Inky Valentines. I love all things Halloween and thought that quirky, inky marks would work well with such a subject.

The idea of illustrating some spooky bottles and potions sounded fun and fairly easy. I scanned Pinterest and found some interesting bottle shapes and designs:

Halloween Brews - image 1 - student project

Halloween Brews - image 2 - student project

Then I did some crude sketches of bottles. Just mapping out basic shapes.

Halloween Brews - image 3 - student project

Halloween Brews - image 4 - student project

I formatted my file to an 8x10 size (plus bleed) just in case I wanted to use it for something larger down the road. Admission: I brought most of the shapes into Illustrator and drew them with the pen tool. Old habits die hard. ;) Then I copied/pasted each shape in Photoshop as a shape layer, and added the color fill adjustment layer to them. I did, however, learn how to use the pen tool with Photoshop to create shapes per Tom's instructions. (His supplemental video was a huge help with this.) It was very challenging at first but I'm really glad I know both methods now. I did create some of the smaller shapes in my illustration with the Photoshop method.

Then it was on to the fun of texturing! To make some of these pieces, like the swirly designs on the short bottle, I printed out a copy of the basic shape first and then used a lightbox to draw the marks on another piece of paper. This helped me keep the correct proportions without too much fiddling later. Here are some of the elements that made it into the final piece:

Halloween Brews - image 5 - student project

Halloween Brews - image 6 - student project

Halloween Brews - image 7 - student project

Halloween Brews - image 8 - student project

Learning the alpha channel method for bringing in those textures was a pretty exciting moment. :) Until now, using Photoshop to illustrate had always been a real struggle. Something finally "clicked" with this class and now it's a blast! I had so much fun with this project - a huge thank you, Tom!

Halloween Brews - image 9 - student project