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Bryan Tang

Join the Murder




 Brand Name: Halloway

Mission Statement:  Halloway Company is a men's clothing brand from California. Our motto, "Join the Murder" means to Join the Flock. Join the Family. We play on the alternate definition of Murder "a flock of crows," to describe our motivation. Murder is not in reference to killing a person, rather a craft. Whether it be cars, sports, or business, the goal is to kill the game. We are here to let everyone know that we are serious about what we do. We take the negative connotations of the word murder and re-create it to define our positive and aggressive lifestyle.




Logo History/ Design: Timeless and simple but with enough details to stop a viewer. The logo consists of two feathers to represent uniformity, hence “Join The Murder.”

Objective: Halloway is here for one purpose. We want to murder the competition. Each person is able to understand and relate, but we do so within our own spectrum. We all want to be the best. We want to excel and elevate our game. But how do we continue to improve. 

In our first installment, we show you why we are different, why we are champions, and why we are unlike any other. We sit atop our competitors and set ourselves apart. With this release we show our ability to adapt. We show our relevance. We are Halloway.































Destroy and Rebuild - Fall 2013: In the fall we invite you to join the murder. Be a part of our team. A team unlike any other. One that will push, one that will explore and one that will murder any obstacle that lays in our path. We do not aim to be a student, but a master of our craft. And we welcome any of those who aim to be the same. Join the team, join the murder.








With knowledge comes wisdom. And those that continue to evolve understand the need to learn. We destroy ourselves in order to rebuild. In order to realize where to improve, we have to understand where we made mistakes. And in order to remain on top, we must be receptive to change. Halloway is here to destroy all your prior beliefs and show you how.


Contact email: [email protected]

Website | www.WeAreHalloway.com


Instagram | HallowayJTM

Twtter | Halloway Clothing


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