Allana Pierce

watercolor artist–fountain pen user–lover of words



Half-Pan Limited Palette

I wanted a limited palette that would push me further in my mixing abilities, but still be small enough to carry anywhere.

The Velasquez palette really appeals to me, so I knew I wanted to base my new palette off those three colors (French Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, and Yellow Ochre). But I also know that I LOVE Olive Green and Payne's grey. While I can mix something similar to Olive Green with the three primaries, I normally use a lot of it in sketching so I wanted to come prepared.


I decided to go with the half-pan method since I LOVE the colors I'm using and wanted the freedom to move to a smaller (or larger) tin the the future.

The tin I chose actually allowed me to make this a small kit with a cut-off 4B pencil and round brush.


I'm really looking forward to taking this tin out and making my first sketches with it this month!


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