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'Half Eaten Resin Arm Toy' James Rae

  • Name: James Rae
  • Age: 21
  • Studying illustration in Plymouth/ England

     Recently I built myself an arm out of a sculpting material 'super sculpey'


    i used  silverfoil and masking tape for the frame and sculpted around it. 

    to save sculpting material.


    This is the arm after i finished sculpting it, ready for the oven.


    next i made a silicone mould and casted a new arm out of resin.

    then once casted i sprayed it and decorated it with some simple tattoos.

    I Have just ordered a new shippment of resin so i can start making some more arms and customising them with different paint jobs but the next step i need to take is designing the packiging for the product, i thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do that. 

    heres some small character sheets i made before creating the arm.

    --------------------------------------------Skate deck----------------------------------------------------

    Here are some images of the skateboard deck i designed a few weeks back, following the same theme as the Half Eaten arm. Using the character sheet i made for the resin arm, i sketched out a design on a deck that i sanded down to the wood. then i covered my design with masking tape and then sprayed it black. when i peeled back the tape i was left with my design on the wood. then covered it with some illustrations. the reason i have put it on my blog is because i think i might go through the same process to design the illustration on my packaging.

    ----------------------------------------------Logo design---------------------------------------------------

    I have had a go at label design before, but for made up brands. this one above started out as a simple design and the rest was done on illustrator. it was kind of a mistake but i thought it worked well. there are elements to it i really like and want to recreate again like the green shine on the glass and the shine on the actual liquid in the bottle.

    This was another fake package design i came up with for a college project. the photo above shows a phsyical copy which i tried to distress by burning and tearing and below is the digital version.

    heres the process i went through for designing the final illustration for the packaging. i dont think i really explored it enough and could of really done with doing abit more resarch and more experimentation.


                               -------------------------------MOOD BOARD-----------------------------


    Im going to try and shy away from looking at to many other logos for inspiration because i dont want to see something and try and recreate it. instead im going to try to look at illustrations and peices of art and let them inspire and hopefully i can create a logo through a process like that, and that way the final out come will be something i have sculpted into something instead of just altering.


                                               Lets get cracking, sketchbook drawings (Mon-13th)

    ---------------------------------------Sketchbook (TUE 14th)--------------------------------------------

     Practice front logo just for the label, need to explore it more!

    I know now that i want to have a small label that hangs of the bone of my resin arm, similar to the toe tag you get on bodies in the identifying room.  but to keep it from being too dark i want to make a number of different tags with a 'cause of death' but a comical, cartoon style death. this adds a little variety and some humour. i also want to put the date  when the arm was casted (hand written not printed). Each arm will be unique because they will be hand painted but by adding the casting date to the label makes it that bit more special for the buyer.

    ----------------------------------------------------Wed (15th)----------------------------------------------


    More resin has arrived, casted two new arms and got some new spray paint.

    -----------------------------------------------Fri (17th)-------------------------------------------------------

    sketched out an idea of what i may want the layout of the front of the packaging to look.

    going to work on a digital version soon. try and get the centre logo finished tonight.


    Logo im working on for centre of packaging.

    still a work in progress tho.

    Sketch that i scanned in.

    Gave it abit of colour and some texture on photoshop and planted it on a background (that i swiped from google images). just to get an idea what it looked liked. still got a lot more to do! and not even sure if i will use this one.

    ----------------------------------------Back to the Drawing board-------------------------------

                                                           ---------tue (21st)--------------

    Went back a drew a few more designs because i dont think i explored it fully.
    quite like the one on the bottom left. and also the tag sketches.

    Working on this design atm. still deciding on what text to use.


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