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Half Ass

Hi Mikey! And hellooooo fellow students! My illustration is not exactly phrased as an idiom, but the inspiration was definitely there. Half ass. Everything I do seems to be half ass...even this very project. I work in a soul destroying "art" department that does not encourage, inspire or appreciate any kind of creativity, so my work has not been produced in the manner that you have so generously shared. I've developed this horrible habit of just starting right away on the computer and I'm afraid that my art shows this. I am now making a commitment to myself to get back to the good old ways. I thank you so much for this!! I've even ordered the blending marker you mentioned in the conversation thread. I'm nervous because I can barely even hold a pencil anymore. They just flip out of my hand because I have been working with a mouse for so long.  lol...uuugh  Anyway, I am so excited and hope to post a project from the very beginning soon. I just love looking at the other projects from wonderful creative artists. Thank youuuu! Next idiom: hmmm...


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