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Lachlan Cartland

What a loser wow



Haley Holystone : Artificer

Okay, lets start this! the character I am trying to develop is a young mage at a magical university, pseudo 1920s setting.

She is able to manipulate and wield a large variety of magical weapons but is generally naive and inexperienced.

I haven't tried thumbnailing like this before so it was a little bit of a challenge, still it forced me to consider poses I normally wouldn't try.

I would love to know which ones you think I should go forward with, and your reasons why. i'll be happy to rate your own work if you do.


Wow I really wish my week wasn't so busy or I would of gotten to this sooner,

Anyway, following advice in the comments and from my friends I choose the following to refine;

The first two I refined because they seemed popular, the third because despite not being actiony I thought it reflected the character well and the forth I choose because I wanted at least one sword pose. 

Let me know what you think! if anyone is still around that is god i'm so slow.


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