First of all thank you again for such an awesome class! In all honesty, studying with you makes me feel like I am attending a real art school!

I started out with a few hairstyles only, just to get the hang of the whole process, as I have been struggling with hair and developing my own style all these years.


Hair - image 1 - student project

Admittedly, male/really short hair is quite challeging, but I did not mind this result. I think the last hairstyle, although the most difficult came out the best, simply because I was focused on conveying the feeling of volume and curls and I was not preoccupied with how each curl will look.


I also added a bonus photo of a head with hair that I made from my imagination, using the techniques I have learnt watching your classes, so I would really appreciate some feedback on that too ^^

It is not the best work of mine, but for a quick sketch I think it is more than accurate.


Hair - image 2 - student project


(I do love bumpy noses, but I struggle when they are on an angle. If you have any resources regarding that which you would not mind sharing, it would be amazing!)

Christina Doumpi
Self-taught Artist