Hair Styles Zine

Hair Styles Zine - student project

Really enjoyed this project! This class was my first exposure to zines, and now I'm hooked!

Hair Styles Zine - image 1 - student project

Decided to do a zine about different hair styles. I've always been interested in hair and the multitude of cuts, colors, styles and "dos" you see people wear. I think there's crossover between the artistry of beauticians and that of designers and illustrators.

I started by making a list of different cuts and styles, then honed it down to the images I wanted to show on the cover and the 6 inside pages. Then I folded my paper and started drawing the images on the pages in pencil. Next, I inked the drawings. Then I looked up some interesting quotes about hair and added them to the drawings. Then I scanned in the zine. Opened it in Photoshop and corrected some of the pencil lines and stray marks, then played with color. Once I was happy with the artwork, I cropped each page separately and laid them out on a panel for display. 

I definitely will make this an assignment for my students ( I'm a graphic design college professor) - I think they could learn a lot and make some really cool pieces.

Hair Styles Zine - image 2 - student project

Hair Styles Zine - image 3 - student project

Hair Styles Zine - image 4 - student project

Julie Brown Terry
Graphic Design Professor