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Hair Bands Keep My Peeps?


I would appreciate any feedback. I had an idea and this story simply wrote itself. I feel really good.


                                                             What Keeps My Peeps Together


A rubber band is also known as a lackey band, elastic band, scunci or a laggy band. Rubber bands are used to hold multiple things together. What to say about this? Let me ponder? Then it all seems as if it’s meant to be. In my pocket is a rubber band. Oh its pink and round and it stretches out to endure so much as 100 cards. What an example of what we need to be? This little guy does a great job. I prefer to say it keeps my peeps together. My band is for my hair. Tie every strand back because, oh the frustration of having it hang loose in my face. I could be washing my face or trying to see. Sometimes “she” needs a rubber band to endure the promise of relaxation time. Put every strand in an elegant bun - oh yeah! How about the rubber band that holds her together? I mean the rubber band that holds her flashcards together. Where would she be without the flashcards to help her study. What would happen to her grade if she lost a few cards or all of them because she didn’t have a simple wonderful rubber band? Lastly what about the girls who tie their hair up in a braid or pony tail before bed. Maybe it’s the tradition of it all or a preservation of beauty ritual. What is beauty anyway? Why do certain people get to decide? Is not beauty in the eye of the beholder? Are we not all beautiful especially when we are carefree because we have amazing things like rubber bands to keep us together. Or do they? Maybe rubber bands do keep my peeps together. Or do they merely keep things together. Where would I be without my rubber band to hold my hair in place as I type this.



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