Haim Gig Poster

Haim Gig Poster - student project


I decided to go with the jean shorts idea, since it was the most popular among the few comments and also my personal favorite.

Haim Gig Poster - image 1 - student project

I knew I would have to find a good photo to use since I am terrible at hand drawing and also don't have the Illustrator skills to create the shorts from scratch in Illustrator. I originally intended to find a good photo and do a live trace in Illustrator and tweak, to give it a semi-cartoonish look, but I found this perfect photo on Etsy, tweaked the pockets and label to make it work for my layout needs, and then neutralized the contrast and faded it out a bit to desaturate it, and I ended up liking that look better than the faux-cartoon live trace results.

I added a slightly texturized background, though I will probably mess with it some more to give it more depth (and perhaps add a super subtle drop shadow to the shorts as well? thoughts?). I added the text at the bottom in a placeholder font - I will likely hand write the type (I can't draw but I can write nicely!) and use that, in a similar light pink color.

I placed the band logo on the pocket in a similar color to what I intend to use. I will be creating an embroidered effect for the logo, but will have to play with the color to see what looks best and doesn't  blend in or buzz with the mid-range blue, like the pink is sort of doing now as a flat color. I am also considering how to place the Mumford & Sons info on that pocket below the HAIM logo to fill that empty space below the seam.

I think I want to add a belt to the waistband for more visual interest, as it's much more plain than I anticipated right now. In the process of trying to find a good belt image to manipulate, or find a way to create the look I want in Illustrator/Photoshop.


Poster for indie girl band Haim's show opening for Mumford & Sons in Brooklyn

4 ideas:

1. Pair of cutoff denim shorts (like Alana's) view of the back, HAIM logo (in pink?) stitched on the right pocket. Left pocket either has "forever" EP logo stitched diagonally, or is torn with no text. Venue justified along bottom of poster, in girly lowercase handwritten script


Haim Gig Poster - image 2 - student project

Haim Gig Poster - image 3 - student project

2. Illustration of hair (no faces) of 3 girls - brunette, brunette, blonde - in a row in center of poster against a neutral (light yellow/off white?) lightly textured background. HAIM logo centered, smallish, at bottom, in black. Venue etc info justified stacked underneath logo in small sans serif type (Brandon Grotesque?)


Haim Gig Poster - image 4 - student project

Haim Gig Poster - image 5 - student project

3. Photo of teenage girl's bedroom, view of wall to wall mirrored closet, in mirror we see a bed, clothes and makeup everywhere, very girly, purple, pink, white, etc. HAIM logo drawn on mirror in red lipstick, venue info scrawled below, on diagonal


Haim Gig Poster - image 6 - student project

Haim Gig Poster - image 7 - student project

Haim Gig Poster - image 8 - student project

4. Photo of HAIM logo written on asphalt with street chalk. Two options: sunset light, long shadows of 3 girl's legs visible over logo/info OR boots/shoes of 3 girls at top of photo, logo/info below


Haim Gig Poster - image 9 - student project

Haim Gig Poster - image 10 - student project

I'm limited in my resources, so even though I'm not an illustrator or graphic artist I'll probably have to stick with the first two illustration-based ideas rather than the photo-based ideas.