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I've been collecting these images for years and decided its time to use them in a tangible way! I am drawn towards a lot of Japanese design and illustration and love the concept of wabi-sabi. I also love drawing and creating whimisical characters and beautiful flowers. So using the idea of Haiku (a poetic form which cuts or juxtaposes mainly two images or ideas ) I thought i'd attempt to make a kind of visual haiku combining the elements i love above!


It was quite an interesting process this! I just found that whenever i picked up pen and paper i wasnt feeling so free, so i picked up my paintbrush and painted out as many motifs and ideas as i could. It's been fun sharing these images on my instagram.


Later when i tried to digitize them in ink pad i realized that my watery gouache textures were making it a little difficult for me to relate the lines in a crisp way so i then re sketched everything in pen, and some with a bamboo reed pen and ink.


I feel like i could do many more sketches as the ideas seem to evolve as im painting and drawing. Next stage digitizing fully- my stylus isnt quite up to the job tho im going to give it another try, I'd be super appreciative if anyone had any advice for using a wacom tablet!

Really enjoying it all so far tho, so many ideas flowing!

The Final Pattern

After finally getting to grips and enjoying using inkpad and my stylus I completed my digital drawings and brought them into illustrator. Its been a huge learning process, I'm so glad to have actually finished the project. As for the pattern, I felt like I managed to bring my ideas together, I found my final patterns to be more whimsical than I hoped for but enjoying it all the same!


My pattern block


A longer repeat (kids bedding anyone?)


Circles are fun!


A spot illustration


And some tea and flowers!





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