Had too many tools and none were working for me

Had too many tools and none were working for me - student project


I am Eloise and I am a self employed gemmology ( gemstone) consultant and jewellery designer.  

I left the corporate world a few years ago to pursue my passion !  So the good thing is that I have learned good organisations skills and tools from past lives BUT they were meant for mainstream corporate, not for a one-woman-band-business. So trying to find tools and resources that would help support me has proven much harder.  

I have thousand of tools, apps, software, set ups but can't seem to find the "Right one" for my new business set up, things are a bit disjointed.  So very grateful for what I have learned so far.  I have now embraced the Todoist Premium version and has been working so very well.  I use my Inbox to "dump" or "park" ideas I want to work on and assign later ( but did forget to put the homework lol) and I have also added the Mail butler plug in to my emails so that I can add tasks directly from emails into Todoist.  I did realise quickly that the free version only allows for a few tasks a month, so will see if I would use this enough or want to add another paid service .... watch this space.  

Now I am looking into Evernote to keep all my notes and ideas in one place rather than doodling randomly everywhere so hopefully this will help too.