Hacker News iOS App

Hacker News iOS App - student project

The Problem:

Hacker News isn't very focused on the mobile so I'd like to make it easier for users to access the content in a native format.

The Solution:

I'll be working on making Hacker News a truly native experience for people on the go. Along with that, I'll also make it so that it's beautiful to look at. I would like to use this application as an experiment with transitions that would make it a pleasure to use.


I'll be working on a news type application. Essentially make the version of Hacker News more mobile and design friendly. At the moment I've made out a few wireframes for how the navigation could be. I was exploring different layout rather than keeping it traditional.

Hacker News iOS App - image 1 - student project

The image below is the first a V1 for the main screen. I would love to be able to embed a custom font as well.

Hacker News iOS App - image 2 - student project

Henry Moran

Software Designer