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Hackademic Adventurer Part 1: Learning the ropes

For the past many years, I had to please other people by writing in a very formal, complete language in order to satisfy those who wanted to see this "A" on my report card. Well enough is enough, I am going to be straightforward in my way of informal talking.

I am a young man, 20 years old, who had dropped out of college.

In all my life, I had struggled with problems when people thought I was irresponsible, not trust worthy, and clueluess. This was all due to lack of interest in school, having low grades, and low test scores.

But when I am free to travel, I have traveled to:





I learned survival Italian and Spanish while learning French easily thanks to my native language Vietnamese. In Brazil, I went where no other Vietnamese American had ever gone, learned Portuguese, and was treated like a rock star.

However, these trips were always financed by my parents, who are generous, yet I no longer want to be in welfare of their hard earned money.

It's time that I learned to be different, daring to do so, and going further than ever before.


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