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Habitat X: an engaging and creative meeting space

We build relationships among committed and like-minded professionals. We stage face-to-face conferences, we author publications, and we support a collaborative online platform. We help people move their careers and personal lives forward in ways that are timely and relevant. The industry? Sustainable Housing and Next-Generation Workplaces.

We attract folks who recognize that our buildings say a lot about ourselves, and determine much about our collective future. This is a group of believers -- a little tech-y around the edges and audacious enough to make plans for altering, in big ways, what we call The Built Environment.

The project is 18 months old, private for profit, and this development phase has been funded by bootstrap and sweat equity. We delved deep enough, in an experimental fashion and with lots of participant feedback loops, to ground-truth and fine-tune the concepts. We're now set for a mid-stage launch, and we're open for realistic guidance and inspiration.

Check out the 2014 Summer National Conference up in Yellowstone National Park.

One fixture of the face-to-face events: the cocktail party


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