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Habit designing for peak performance

Habit personality type:
Equal parts Obliger and Questioner. With a strong Rebel tendency. 

Type 1: Upholder  3  Small tendency
Type 2: Questioner  7  Extremely strong tendency
Type 3: Rebel  5  Strong tendency
Type 4: Obliger  7  Extremely strong tendency

Why I signed up for this class:
I signed up for this class because I would like to turn my life around and start achieving meaningful goals instead of just meandering through life. I'd specifically like to improve the way I manage my home and family life taking into account the impact my work life has on this. 

My most consistent habit:
I have for the past few years managed to maintain a daily practice routine on the drums. The routine is very casual and can probably do with some refinement, but it has been mostly sustained for more than 3 years. I suspect that the I wear headphones when practicing and am away from any internet connected device while playing helps me focus and has lead to some of the success with this habit. 


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