Habit Tracker Application

Habit Tracker Application - student project

One of the biggest challenges we all face in out daily lives, is the constant desire to increase our productivity, and to develop better habits. If this sounds like you then download our productivity app "Habit Tracker" It is an easy to use app that will get you on track to become the productive individual you want to be.

The app uses a very popular technique called bullet journaling. You write out a list of the tasks you would like to undertake, daily. There is also an affirmations tab where you will write out your affirmations, set a morning and evening alert to remind you to rehearse your affirmations once you wake and before bed.


Get up 5am

15Min Meditation

1 Hour Gym

Cold shower

After completing your task you mark with a bullet point if not complete you cross it off. The app pushes a habit stacking practice, blocking of time where you can do a series of habits one after the other, this builds confidence and gets you that much closer to reaching your goals. 

So, for only $5 per month get your subscription today.