Nigel Pinto

an aspiring photographer



Habit: To complete projects and action steps by following a schedule daily, monthly and weekly

I want to train myself to forge new good habits.

My Personality Type 

What Habit I want to form.

I want to be able to be more productive. I want to find out what are the distractions, obstacles, setbacks that make me skip deadlines or go to lazy mode.

Knowledge is Power. Once I observed myself and track my activities daily. I will be able to find my sweet spots and amplify that into action.

I will  break this habit into three mini habits.

1: Capture

2: Sorting

3: Review

What has been my most consistant habit?

The only thing that I remember being consistent with is to stop smoking.

Will intense willpower and determination, I quit smoking and still enjoying the beauty of smoke-free life.

Update: Coming soon My Habit Loop 2.0


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