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Tiffanie Battram

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Habit All Now

What is your Habit Personality Type: 

1. With a score of 7, Obliger 

2. With a score of 6, Upholder

3. With a score of 4, Questioner 

4. With a score of ZERO, Rebel

I would agree that I am an obliger. I believe that others hold a very high standard of me, though I may not do the same for myself. Therefore I do often sacrifice my own personal desires for others, since I strongly dislike letting others down. Coming in at second as an upholder, I also agree that this coincides with my personality. I do tend to have the habit of, "my eyes being too big for my belly." I need to learn to take smaller steps that will lead to a larger result. I struggle with being realistic at times. 

I signed up for this class to do just that. To learn to make realistic goals and have realistic expectations for myself. As well as allowing me to let go and concentrate on my own personal well being over others. I need to take time for myself. 

My most consistent good habit in the past, hmm... Probably excercising and eating healthy. In college and before I got my full time job I was really good about managing my time. But once I got a full time job I have struggled to keep many positive habits in my personal life. I love my job, but it really takes a lot of my time. My thoughts have become more focused on the job and less concerned about my personal life. I've struggled to find a balance in my new found reality. 


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