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Haas & Pen business card

For this project I am designing a business card for my future design studio, as I am not currently a designer by profession. I am hoping to be though and am looking into different educational pursuits as we speak.

The focus of said company is not only graphic work but also sound design and other audio work (which I know more about).

I have named it "Haas & Pen". (My name is Rasmus Haas)

For the first lesson my plan was to follow the steps in succesion


That didn't happen! It was more of a mess of going back and forth. One reason was that I had to revisit the content as I kept changing my mind about what to include.

Perhaps its just the way these things work. I can certainly recognize it from the audio world.

Anyway, I am not really sure in which order these were done, as I kept revisiting them, but here are my 4 versions for lesson one

v1: Pretty straight forward.Getting to know the content and how it works with the font. Chose to use Helvetica. Usable but perhaps not very balanced. (my work, not the font)

v2: Wanted to created some movement, so threw some forward slashes in there for graphic . Also experimenting a bit with emphasis and separation.

v3: A more loose approach. The idea with the dot, is that all the words are sort of tethered to a shared fixpoint, like holding a bunch of ballons in your hand. Using the dot as an anchor sort of helped balance it out I think. Does it make sense visually? Or at all?

v4:Went back to a more classic approach. I sort of like the calmness of it. The wavy things are from the Helvetica glyphs and not sure of what its purpose is in the written language. But I needed some extra content to balance things out, and it incidently looks very copenhageny, so it makes sense. The whole thing sort of resembles a post card, which I am not sure if I like.

Not sure which one I like most, but they all sort of have something that works. Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated:)

Cheers from the cold north.


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