I stumbled upon The Coding Train a while back which is how I came across Processing and p5js. I am a graphic designer and have always been interested in learning new things and growing in various aspects so, I learned how to design websites and could see the use of programming to create art and the beauty of randomization but didn't know how to achieve it until I came across processing. I discovered Josh's twitter account, as well as Bees & Bomb's and Manoloide's along with a few other people who were creating fantastic generative artwork and it, sparked my interest all the more. Then Josh posted about how he recently transitioned to Patreon and mentioned his skillshare classes so I figured I'd hop back into skillshare and check them out; I'm glad I did. 

Everything below is just from experimenting with shapes and colors, some of these try to replicate patterns or prints I've seen out in the wild but make them generative and add in randomness. Would love to hear what you all think! 



One of the first patterns I created, but I've since turned it into a gif. 


Some more experimenting this time with different animation curves



It's awesome to be able to create animations because there are some really cool interactions that you wouldn't be able to see if they weren't in motion. I have my doc setup so that anytime I want to save a particular frame I can save it down as a PDF that I can then pull into illustrator which as a graphic designer is priceless. 



Here are some stills of a few animations like I mentioned above. These are HRects that generate with a random width, color, alpha and rotation. 



I work a lot with branding so this class has been monumental in helping me build cool and unique brand patterns/assets to use.



This is one of my favorites. Experimenting with hexgrid layout. 



Some more hexgrid work.


It's great how quickly I can generate a new piece just by shifting around a few parameters it takes on a whole different appearance.





Obviously, these are all handpicked from the hundreds of pieces that I've created. As we all know with just about everything there is a lot of trial and error. For every one cool piece I have there are at least 50 "bad" ones. But I'm really thankful for this class and hoping to learn more as I keep going!


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