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Tessa Cheung




HUD Ring Portal


I noticed that when you go to flip the HUD rings to make a reflection, that you can stop halfway to make it look as if there is another one perpendicular to the original. I quite like this effect and decided to make it look like a transporter or a portal gate.


With the Chaotic Soul texture and divide filter. It gives it an interesting "electrical" look.


I think I prefer the more industrial and aged look that the soft light filter produced.

Running with the sci-fi portal theme, I decided to try putting a character being teleported onto the design (I cheated a bit here and used my favourite programme, Clip Studio Paint, to do this!):


Thanks for another great class, Helen! I learned a lot more about Photoshop and the techniques will come in useful. I also learned to apply the Photoshop techniques to Clip Studio, so it was doubly useful!


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