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HTML5 + CSS3 Special Effects :: Spinning Cogwheels

10 Sept: completed my intro/promo video and uploaded it to youtube. Here's the link All comments welcome...

7 Sept 2016: Have completed my class outline and is in google drive. Here is the link

Hop it is OK. All comments welcome...

6 Sept 2016: So this is a new class I am creating focusing on the special effects that can be created using only HTML5 and CSS3. It will be one of a series


24 Jun: start of the course creation process. product development using the Agile/Scrum framework. It's going to be difficult figuring out a class project...

Course outline link 

13 July: Have uploaded my promo video 

Would appreciate your reviewing it and letting me know your comments. Thanks

25 July

Reference Mary's email. Here I show an example of an edited video lesson

Appreciate any feedback. Thanks


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