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Caleb Warren

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HTML Website

I've never made a complete website with HTML so this was a first! Learned a ton! Thanks for the great class Jenn! 

Decided to use some of my mobile photography as the content for this site. Mobile photography is a hobby of mine, so I thought it would be good to use the content I already have to make this site. Take a look at the site and let me know what you think!

I didn't want to pay for a web hosting service, so I put the site on Tumblr at

Content Outline

Home Page 

  • Hero content 
    • brief elevator pitch “I’m Caleb Warren, a mobile photographer.
    • large photograph
  • Caleb’s photographs 
    • description text to let visitors know that Caleb takes pictures
    • a link to learn more about the pictures 
  • Caleb’s Instagram account
  • Header content (logo and site navigation)
  • Footer content (copyright information)

Work Page 

  • Header content 
  • Footer content 
  • Page title: Work 
  • Photos 
    • Big Sur  
    • San Francisco
    • New York 
  • Link to Instagram site

About Page 

  • Header content 
  • Footer content 
  • Page title: About 
  • Image of Caleb 
  • Paragraph describing Caleb 
  • List of other places visited to shoot mobile photography

Contact Page

  • Header content
  • Footer content
  • Page title: Contact
  • Caleb’s email address
  • List of links to Caleb’s social media presence

Thanks for checking out my project! View more of my work at


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