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  • Sujel Hasbún | Queens, NY
  • HSBN
  • Will, Has and Always Been True.

The HSBN first collection is in HOMAGE to our childhood. We were inspired by these now classic cartoons, movies, and music albums. We wanted to keep it simply black & white because it's this or that, no in between or grey area. These marevlous works shaped our imagination, challeneged us to be creative, and pushed us to pursue a future. After a lot of traveling through memory lane,we decided to make a 4 piece collection availble in black and in white.


Since the class I have been working hard on to make this line sharper and clear. I have launched in March of this year and I have been tremendously successful beyond what I thought.

Head over to www.hsbn.co and check it out. I been through a series of different website changes and decided to keep it more simple, more sleek and clean. Check out out and let me know what you guys thing.





We are HSBN, a street wear brand with an urban feel that incorporates politics and art,  we also pay homage to New York culture as well as additional subcultures.  In addition to our own original designs, we plan on collaborating with YOU, the independent artists, musicians, bloggers, filmmakers, and community outreach programs of New York to spread and pass on the many motifs of what HSBN is.

HSBN was thought about in early 2010 and finally founded in the Fall of 2011 by a Collective.

You may ask yourself what is a HSBN or Hasbeen?  For starters, a member HSBN can be YOU!

It takes a rare and special breed to join the ranks.  You must be an individual; but not simply just an individual but rather one who perceives life and everything within life as an over-sized amusement park… For life has multiple ups and downs like that of a roller coaster, in which one must be prepared to handle and control whatever is thrown their way.  It’s time to shed some light on the dark visioning eyes of the unbelievers. We here at HSBN are thinkers, believers, thought provokers, crooks (not really), activists, revolutionists, lovers, fighters, Kings & Queens, artists, motivators, enthusiasts, nerds, dreamers, visionaries, and scholars.

Now if you think you got what it takes ask yourself... are you a Hasbeen?




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